Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exploring the Options

They didn't seem to believe it would be possible, fixing a planet to be habitable. I assured them it was and had some projections displayed for them showing the planets we had already done work on. As I finished up I felt so much like a salesman, I supposed it would be possible to fix up and sell planets to other races, but I was sure I wouldn't enjoy it. Once they were convinced as much as they were going to be we just had to determine what planet they would prefer. Several of the ones in the system were candidates, but they surprised me by asking if this planet that they were already on could be fixed up. I told them it would be difficult if not impossible, but I promised to run the simulations and look at our options. We then began discussing what to do in the mean time, I knew this planet would not be able to sustain them when they were awake and I didn't really want to tell them to go back into stasis so we had to determine what they would prefer.

We discussed it for awhile, coming up with several ideas, though it would have to come down to a vote and for that to be valid they would need to finish waking up the rest of their people. They had already begun the process once they had figured out that we were not hostile and they knew ways of speeding it up, so it would only be a few hours before the decision was made, until then they wanted to experience the virtual world we were able to create. They had found it hard to believe that we were able to repair worlds, but they thought it far more unrealistic that we could create a virtual world that could actually be entered and experienced, which was why they were apprehensive about believing we had isolated the Klatvix as we had claimed. Once we were on board Nira and they had satisfied their curiosity about a living being as a ship we moved into the pod room where the first volunteer entered the virtual world. They spent a few minutes there checking it out and then left it, relating what they saw and felt to the others which made the rest anxious to see it.

Once we were all inside they wasted little time before exploring it, they formed different groups and went to the different areas they had heard of using the tranlocation platforms. Nira joined the group that went to the beach while Ambri joined those going to see the forest, this left me with the rest who wanted to explore the snowy mountains. After a quick change of virtual clothes we transported there and they saw our igloo and other snowy creations. None of them had ever seen a substance like it, though there had been stories told of these cold, white crystals of water, none of them had been born when it was still there. After exploring the igloo and other things we had here they wanted to know what else we could do in this area. I took a moment to think of what to show them and once I had decided it took only a moment to have a set of sleds constructed. Though most of them seemed to be my age or older they all seemed to enjoy this sport as much as any child I had ever seen. Up and down we went for a good portion of the time we had, we would have continued had it not been for the alert telling us that the rest of their kind were waking up.

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