Friday, February 18, 2011

Traveling Together Again

As we poured over the information Nira had provided us with it became clear that the technology relied heavily on the advancements Nira had made to herself when she was first growing. It was a technology that could, at this time, only exist on the ship. We were still making our way back to Nasero, but we had slowed down along the way to help Evan tow the cube back with us. Evan was simply amazed when he saw Nira, he really had thought it unbelievable but here she was in flesh and blood, no longer a ship but something completely different. She enjoyed seeing the look on his face as she showed off the form she had created, she really was delighted in how carefully she had crafted every feature of her avatar that was now her body. Nasero still had his doubts about it despite Evan joining in with us, telling him how wonderful this technology was that could create a living body for Nira. We continued on our way, much faster now that we had two ships towing the cube. For now the technology that resided inside the cube would remain a mystery, there were too many new, fascinating things to consider and work on while we finished our trip to planet Nasero.

When Evan entered the virtual world with us he didn't quite know what to expect, he knew that we had come up with many things for him to work on with the other simulations but he hadn't expected what we came up with. Once inside he began to understand why we spent so much time here, it was amazing the level of detail she had done with the place and that it wasn't a drain to the ship's power systems. Nira and Ambri had been spending quite a bit of time here, apparently simulating the sensations with her avatar hadn't been anything like experiencing them in her new form. She was all giddy with excitement about every little thing and I was happy for her, but I knew she would experience much more once we reached a planet that she could walk around on. Though we had made it realistic, there was always something different between it and the real world, though I just couldn't place my finger on it. I hoped eventually to figure out what it was, but for now it was enough to be with my friends in this wonderful place while we made our way towards our destination.

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