Friday, February 4, 2011

A Major Mining Run

With the others awake it took only a couple hours to explain to them what was going on and what the options were that they had to choose from, to my relief they chose the option that they would have the most control over. Construction would begin immediately, we would assist them with the start of the project but then once they had the first pieces they needed they would take over the process and finish. Due to the lack of resources on the planet a few of them came with us on Nira to find some asteroids that had the proper materials. Mining would take awhile but was fairly automated once the probes were all fitted with the proper equipment, in the mean time we had to figure out if there was a way to make their planet hospitable to life once more. The best resource I knew for this kind of question was Nasero, seeing as how he had pretty much become a planet he would know the most about how to bring the necessary resources back into it.

Though we posed the question to him right away he needed time to consider it, instead the topic turned towards some potential system upgrades, he was just having some issues finalizing the stability of the new systems and needed some help. While he considered our problem Nira and I poured over his. He was looking at a better heavy energy storage system, one that would be much more efficient and further reduce the weight of the things that were converted. This would be a very useful system for us as it would allow us to carry more before having to dump what we had. I knew our capacity was fairly large already, but this would make it so much bigger that we would be able to store something like the mass of a moon or small planet without having the major drain on our system like what we experienced with the planet ship. After several hours of work and with the Tirtris joining in, at least to look at what we felt safe showing them, we finally figured it out. The implementation of it would take about a half hour for Nira. While she worked on that I informed Nasero of our success in stabilizing the system, he also informed us that he had an idea of how to bring that planet back to life, but we would need to keep all the garbage ores from the asteroids as well as the valuable ones, and we would need a lot more than what we were planning.

It was simple enough to make more mining probes to get the resources we needed, we simply used what we had mined up already. We were also able to modify the probes as well, instead of just mining up what we wanted we could now basically blow up the asteroid and pull in the pieces, we only needed proper mining to get the resources we needed for the project we were going to start. We now had a press for time though, with all the Tirtris awake the planet's atmosphere was becoming increasingly toxic, I had not realized how many of them there were. We hurried to get what we needed and went back, the probes would continue to mine, but they would have to travel a bit further to meet up with us. Once back in orbit around the planet we quickly began making the platform we needed, it wouldn't take us long, we had done this numerous times. The Tirtris weren't huge fans of us using our advanced technology to create some of the systems as they had hoped to do it all, but they understood the urgency of the project and allowed us to create what we needed. Once it was done we began translocating all of their people to it. The platform was very basic, just a surface really to stand upon but we would work together to get it all fixed up. They had brought all of their remaining technology and possessions with them, leaving nothing on the planet. With the technology all up here they got to work creating a central computer for their information to be kept in. They only had a little bit of their technology still preserved in their old computers, but it would be adequate enough to help them rebuild their civilization. While most of them worked on that I began working with them to negotiate with the Golvenar to get adequate food for their people in exchange for some technology information. I was careful to guide them in which technology to give, knowing that the Golvenar were still a race that had much to learn. Once the negotiations were done we created a gate between the two bases, neither race would be using it, instead we opted to use an automated transport vehicle to bring the food through. With that in place we joined the rest in making the technology we needed in order to create this new base.

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