Saturday, February 19, 2011

Planet Nasero

The trip to and arrival at the planet was nothing spectacular. We didn't notice anything at least, we had been busy in the virtual world. It hadn't seemed like that much time had passed, and yet here we were. The planet was gorgeous, Nasero had done a wonderful job designing the different areas and the fruits were in season and the animals had many offspring now. Ambri immediately went out upon arrival, riding around safely in a flying vehicle that Nasero had designed and looking at all the cute critters. Nira of course was going crazy trying to experience everything, and tasting real fruits for the first time was much better than what we had synthesized for her. The virtual fruits didn't even compare to the wonderful things she was having on this planet. She made plans to gather up some seeds so we could have more of these fruits when we left. I knew it would take quite a bit of time for them to grow, but we would soon enjoy the ones we had in the virtual world, just a couple more days and they should be done. Evan wasted little time getting the cube ready, it would use its own drives to descend to the research facility that Nasero had ready for us. Though he was anxious to continue that research, he also desperately wanted to work on the energy converting technology we had used, though he wouldn't have much luck with that as we had to get back to our mission once everything was set.

Seeing Nasero's projected image was comforting, though he admitted it was, at this point, a very dated technology. He admired the work that Nira had done and pondered the idea of trying to get his own body at some point, though it would be difficult to maintain all that he had done with this planet without being directly connected to it at all times, still, the thought was there and I imagined some day we would have another being of flesh and blood that wasn't born that way. He also was quite interested in the power source, possibly slightly more than the other technology, apparently he had been making more progress on the translations and he believed that this device was much more than just a source of power, though he wouldn't specify what he meant until he could gather more data. He was working on parts of the information that should unlock what was inside of it, but it would still be a little bit before he could access it, they first had to get it out of the cube. While they worked on that I followed Nira around, she refused to play it safe and wanted to walk and so I went with her, mostly to protect her from some of the creatures, but also to see the changes this planet had gone through.

Wandering around showed that the plants were roughly familiar, though they had clearly adapted a bit when they were converting the atmosphere. Quite a few of them showed some new traits, such as some that clearly would eat creatures that ventured into it, but others seemed to remain the same. The creatures were quite a bit more timid now, with all this space it was much easier for them to avoid conflict. I recognized the general energy patterns of them, so it was clear that none of the creatures had any need to mutate to live on this planet. We continued our hike through the forests and plains, making our way to the volcanic, mountainous region that Nasero had designed. Nira had a strong desire to witness first hand the power of nature, even if the area it was in was designed by the one who she had been designed after. As we drew near the temperature rose, it was a very active area. She began sweating, which she thought was great and which I had to warn her was not always a good thing. We had brought some water with us so we stayed hydrated well enough. When we reached the summit, or at least as close as we could get to it, we saw the raging fires that spewed from the depths of the planet. It swirled this way and that as it made its way towards its escape. We could see a few drones were busy maintaining the flow, the area hadn't been completely finished yet and Nasero was also learning more about it. Though he had designed this area his job was only to manipulate, but if he could understand it he could potentially find a way to control it. It would be interesting if he ever mastered the planet that he was becoming, being a type of Gaia to the world and overseeing its well being. When we had enough of the heat we headed back, though it wouldn't be the end of our explorations it had been enough for today. Nira was still building strength within her body and this trek had tired her out. Luckily we only needed to activate the translocation system on the wrist computers we had been given and we found ourselves back in the comforts of the facility.

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