Sunday, February 6, 2011

Planetary Rebirth

With everything in place we just had to wait and watch, the probe that had been on the planet was busy working its way deeper and deeper, the goal was to reach the very center of the planet for the greatest chance of success. The device had been sent through and delivered to the machine while it was working on the tunnel and hopefully everything was set that once it reached the center the device would activate causing the reaction we desired. The Tirtris had made quite a bit of technology while we were busy destroying the surface of the planet, there were many homes and ships in a half finished stage. They had wasted little time in getting their act together and as a race they worked very efficiently, always in sync with one another and quickly accomplishing the tasks that they had to do. I was anxious to see what they would come up with once they had finished making the basics.

It seemed like an endless amount of time to wait, but it would be too dangerous to be away from the shielded station as we weren't entirely sure how long it would take to drill down to the center of the planet. The current reports from the probe revealed that the planet was pretty dead, most of the heat was actually on the surface from the work we had done and the core had been in a cooldown period, given another couple hundred years the planet would have been completely frigid and even the pods that had sustained the Tirtris up to now would have failed to keep them alive. From our calculations it was close to its destination. Most of the Tirtris were still working, but not as much, choosing to stay in a position in their work so that they could see the result of our attempt at restarting their home planet. Finally we got the last signal from the probe telling us that it had reached its destination and the device was activating. It took only a few moments after that for us to see how it was doing.

The blasts around the planet pushed all the clouds away for a brief moment, you could see the bright glow as the core was transformed from an almost solid state back into a fierce inferno of activity. The device was working and had only moments to finish its task before it would be destroyed. No signal could be sent now, all we could do was watch and hope. Shortly after the initial eruptions the dark clouds moved back in and we were looking at a black orb with an occassional red flash here and there. By now the probe was gone and so was the device that Nasero had so carefully calibrated. The planet seemed to be holding together, but it would be a couple days before we could be sure, it looked like we had accomplished what we wanted and soon the whole of the planet would be covered in lava, cycling the resources down to all the various spots they needed to be. The reaction, if it wasn't too much, would be enough to get the planet to act as it once had, the internal temperature would have been corrected and we would begin the process of refining the atmosphere to make it habitable again. It was a fantastic thing to watch and I anxiously waited for the clouds to clear enough so I could see the bright reds of the planet's blood flowing.

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