Friday, February 25, 2011

Piecing Together the Rest of the Ship

It turned out the virus wasn't simply trying to destroy the ship, as Evan and Nasero examined the pieces of the ship that were left behind it was clear that the pieces were trying to grow into a whole new ship, however the genetics of the ship weren't complete throughout, rather each part of the ship was an organism on its own that complemented the rest, meaning that though Nira had been a single ship each part of her had its own blueprints programmed into it. This allowed her to modify only sections of ship instead of the whole thing and control all of it very precisely, there was no DNA in a piece that wasn't necessary in that component. This left the virus with nothing to work from except what it had been able to infect, which was far from a complete ship. The most important parts had never been touched and so our design was safe so long as someone didn't get to the most critical pieces to copy. This is what made the ship so unique and hard to reproduce, the single seed was capable of growing multiple organisms that coexisted together. The virus was doing its best to try to make the rest, but anything that grew beyond the normal design soon failed, it was the balance that the thing lacked. It made all of what was going on very clear, the entity, though powerful in and of itself, must have overheard or figured out what we were capable of with our ship and wanted the technology for itself. I couldn't guess which purpose it would want it for, there were so many to choose from, but knowing what it wanted made it much more important to keep the seed safe. After taking samples of the mutating virus Evan and Nasero destroyed the remnants of the infected portions of the ship, they didn't want something else growing from it and possibly learning there was another piece of organic technology it could learn from.

Our journey so far was relatively uneventful, we had been building the non-essential systems in the ship and the entity had been unable to catch us, though sensors indicated small gravity fluctuations once in awhile, I assumed it was trying to keep up with or possibly even overtake us. The construction room was made big enough for all of us to work, there was a control console for each of us and a manufacturing area that could accomodate a project of whatever size, we just had to take turns in the construction process, but at least we could design all at once. Ambri was making the ship more livable while Nira was working on the virtual garden, she had plans to make it as automated as possible so we wouldn't have to go in and out, what a change that was for us, instead of wanting to live in a virtual world of beauty we opted to stay active outside of it and endure the hardships that we were sure to face. While they both were busy with their parts I continued working on modifying our systems, we needed to find a way to detect the ship for more than just the moment it left and entered a jump and we also needed a way to hide ourselves from it.

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