Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unbelievable Technology

They honestly didn't believe us when we first started telling them what had happened. Evan and Nasero believed it wasn't possible to go from raw energy to heavy energy to a living body. They believed that the project had been to create a device that could deceive them and simply refused to believe it. But eventually Nira started to win them over, mostly through remote connections to the ship while she ate some food. The ship recorded nothing, and none of the systems were locked down, so they were able to see that though indeed she was consuming things, shown through the provisions system and monitoring the conditions in the ship and of its inhabitants, there were no nutrients going into the ship itself. They still held their doubts, but they would be won over soon enough, we planned to delay our mission and return to them to show them first hand what Nira had accomplished. Still, with their doubts, they wanted to hear how it all worked and why it had to be in such precise conditions. I knew it would take a while to explain, so I made myself comfortable as she related how the new technology worked.

After having it explained it made a bit more sense. The reason I couldn't understand why there would be a difference in stored energy versus new energy was because I wasn't looking at the right point, all I saw was the output, but what she had seen was a possibility. As energy is created it is in a state that can still be manipulated, it is before it becomes an output that it is in this state. Basically the chamber she had constructed drew all energy in before it was normal energy, the moment right before it was being conducted in order to manipulate it into a different state. It didn't make complete sense to me, but I understood it enough. The equations were already there at least so I didn't have to work on those, I just had to work on making something more durable than a single use chamber. The data from this project was also helping Evan to understand the technology he was studying as well, which meant soon we would have even more energy to work with which might make it so we can use this technology away from another source of power. Understanding it all, however, didn't make it any less impressive. Evan and Nasero were both amazed that Nira had come up with such a thing without seeing another similar type of technology. They both saw what this could mean as well, we could make anything we wanted if we had the right amount of power to work with, which meant no more stopping to pick up essential minerals to create the food we needed. We would all be able to survive on things created from the ship's power source, including the ship itself, it would be completely self sustained. It would take lots of time to figure it all out and to perfect it, but we knew it would be our next major advancement.

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