Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sensing the New Weapon

The tiny blasts of gravitational forces kept getting closer, though the feel of them wasn't as intense as they should be for a ship that was jumping. Every once in a while there was a big one, but it was never as close as all these small ones. It appeared a new weapon had been developed and he was firing balls of gravity at us to try to either disable us or at least to slow us down. I still wasn't sure how all these little forces were affecting us so much, our shields had been designed against it and we had even implemented some of the gravity technology into the ship to try to mitigate these interferences as well. The control pod was just about finished and I would be able to control the ship more precisely with it as well as link directly with the sensors to get a better feeling of what was going on, it wouldn't be nearly as good a connection as it was with the other ship, but it would do for our purposes. The other pods would be finished shortly after this one was connected, but they would have to wait, we needed to find some relief to this new onslaught.

The sensors picked up the gravity orbs pretty well, it was like microscopic black holes coming towards you and exploding. They didn't really suck much into them, but they had enough pull to be slowly bringing our speeds down. The part that seemed to make them more effective was some sort of energy shield around them, the sensors had a hard time figuring out what this energy was and so we weren't sure why this allowed the forces to get through our shields. I did my best to get the readings from this energy so I could counteract it, but most of it fluctuated so wildly that it would be impossible to come up with a defense. I spent probably a good couple hours trying to find a pattern to it or some rhyme or reason to these things but it just didn't have one. I knew the design was purposeful, but whatever made these things had some abilities far beyond what we could currently comprehend. The biggest frustration with the task was the lack of natural senses. Before, on the other ship, the ship's sensors were enhanced by my own natural abilities, which for me were magnified when connected to the ship. I knew it was possible to get some of that functionality back, but it meant having to upgrade the sensors we had, which would make us partially blind as each one was improved.

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