Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Vacation is Over

Every day she seemed to be getting stronger, she was getting used to having a body like ours. We went out exploring the beeches, rivers and seas today and she loved every minute of it. It wasn't very much different than what was simulated, but there was still something that wasn't quite right. I spent some time teaching her to swim, but not much as it was a difficult task using those muscles, but she did well enough. I was sure she would spend more time learning to do it later, but probably in the virtual world. Ambri had decided to join us today, though not right away, but she arrived just in time to see us leaving the water. She teased us about not waiting for her and Nira was about ready to jump in again when I suggested we take a break first, get some food and enjoy the sun before going back in. At this suggestion she realized that she was quite hungry and so we found some fruit nearby and sat down on some rocks to enjoy it.

We knew we needed to get going soon, but we were really enjoying the planet. If it weren't for the sudden blast we heard coming from the direction of the research facility we probably would have continued our swimming, but once we heard it we all rushed back. We could have used the transporters, but if we had we could end up in a bad situation. As we raced towards the buildings we could see smoke rising, something had definitely taken some damage. It was hard making our way through the forested area that surrounded the complex, there hadn't been a path made yet, mostly because the flying vehicles made that unnecessary. Once we finally did make it through I could see clearly that the blast had taken out a good portion of the roof that had been over the cube that contained the power source. It didn't look like something attacked us, but rather something escaped. The debris was scattered about in such a way that it appeared something had blasted its way out instead of trying to blast a way in. I quickly went inside while the girls stared at all the smoldering debris.

Inside I found Evan against one of the walls, he appeared to be relatively unharmed but he was knocked out. I tried to see if Nasero was responding and to my relief he was. His projected image quickly appeared and I asked him what happened. He informed me that I was overlooking one thing, and a quick glace around told me he was right. I asked him where the cube had gone to which he said they had removed it from the power source, which made me ask where that was. To this he replied that they had been successful in unlocking the device, however once they did it some energy burst forth from it creating the hole in the ceiling and then it seemed to attract the pieces of the cube to it, once it had those pieces it used the gravity drive technology and lifted itself out. Currently the mass was heading towards our ship. I wasted little time for additional information and instead ran out and pressed the buttons on the girls' wrist computers that would send them to the ship and then transported myself.

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