Friday, February 11, 2011

The Problem with Power

It seems to be with more and more reluctance that we actually left the virtual world behind to do the things we must do outside of it. We had finally arrived at the next cube and were already docking with it when Ambri and I made our way out. This cube, once we were inside, contained a very large version of the power source that we had originally seen in the Klatvix technology. This cube was the one that held the research about their power and I had a feeling it would prove very interesting. The only problem we had with it was that the power source could not be shrunk down with the cube like we had done with the last one, the energy it was sustaining would become unstable if the structure was changed. We also would be unable to turn it into heavy energy and store it because of the strain it would have on our systems, especially considering we'd have to fight against the power it was generating. This limited our options and we chose the easiest, we would simply have this cube towed back to one of our stations. It probably would have been faster to change the programming in the cube and give it a faster drive to move itself around, but we didn't want to change what was already there, instead opting for purity of information. We did, however, leave a drone inside so that we could interact with the contents of the cube and learn about it while it made its long journey. The probes we constructed to tow it were also given stealth capabilities that could cloak the cube and ensure that we didn't lose it to some other curious alien race.

From what I could tell of the information that we were getting from the cube the Klatvix had not figured out all the intricacies of this power source and had not been able to learn about it from the aliens that had created it. The Klatvix had picked up a signal from an alien race that was pretty far away and had gone there, hoping to do as they had done to other races. When they arrived they found a decimated world, a world that had been torn apart by war. The aliens who had created this technology had used it to gain military advantage and it had led them to self destruction. The power source was quite potent and they could not figure out how to interface their technology with it, so instead they spent their time reverse engineering it. Their research had obviously been very fruitful, but there was a lot of things to be learned from this device we now had under our control. I began wondering why they had scattered the technology so far and in these cubes, it simply didn't make sense to put the original technologies into a remote location instead of keeping it where you would be able to continue researching it. I hoped I would figure this out eventually, but until then I still had to go through the information the cube contained, which, unfortunately, only contained notes about their research. This was a good thing for us, but it told us nothing of the world where it came from. Since the planet they found this device on had been dead they didn't catalog anything about it, I just hoped we'd be able to find it at some point.

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