Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The First Activity, Sleep

Having finally overcome my shock after watching Nira learn to use her new legs for awhile, I started asking her about how she had done it. She had essentially converted basic energy into living energy and brought it out of the virtual world. It was entirely artificial and shouldn't have been possible, but she had done it. She simply smiled at me and told me she would tell me later, after she had a chance to sleep, for her body was weak from the effort of learning to use it and she needed rest. She of course refused to get the rest in the virtual world and instead fell asleep on the floor. Ambri and I stayed with her, though we took the time to construct some beds to sleep on and I carefully placed her on one of them to rest. It was simply amazing, I had personally seen several impossible things so far in all my travels, but this was by far the greatest thing yet. Evan and Nasero both wanted to know what had happened, but I decided it would be best for Nira to tell them, which of course they couldn't figure out why they couldn't talk to her yet, I just told them to be patient, it would happen soon enough.

Waking up was unreal, I swore it had all been a dream, but there she was still sleeping on the bed. The ship hadn't moved, no one had taken the time to get it to resume its course, so the ship's power had been fully replenished. It was odd to think that it was just a ship now, though it had automation to it there was no longer any personality, it was what it was, though still a living thing, it just did what it was told. I was sure Nira would still have some sort of link to it, but it would be so minimal now that she would require the pods to do anything with any of the systems. It still would be awhile before she woke up, so I spent my time studying the technology that went into the chamber she had used to construct her body in the real world. I realized the implications of such a technology, some of them quite frightening but others made for endless possibilities. We would definitely have to work on improving it beyond what she had done, but not for the same purposes.

When Nira was finally awake she sounded weak, it was definitely different to be in the real world instead of a virtual one where you could be what you wanted to be. In this world she needed to build up her muscle mass and learn to eat and sleep, she wasn't just a being powered by energy but a complex creature that had different needs. She could have easily made herself a machine like the ship or Evan, but she had opted for flesh and blood like ours. It almost seemed silly to give up what she had, but I understood it after spending so much time in control of the ship myself. Ambri tenderly cared for her while she worked on using this new form, the food wasn't great but it sufficed, we had unfortunately done away with the garden completely and so all we could give her were basic nutrients until the fruits finished ripening. She said she would eventually go back in the virtual world, but for now she wanted to experience life outside of it for a while. When she was ready we finally opened up communications with Evan and Nasero again and began letting them know what had happened.

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