Monday, February 14, 2011

Waiting and Wondering

I wasn't mistaken that Evan would come up with upgrades, Nira had been implementing them every time he came up with something new. She hadn't given up her control of the ship since the information started coming, I knew she was onto something with her project but I still had to wait to find out. Ambri was beginning to worry about her, Nira seemed so obsessed with this thing she was working on. Though we were getting a lot of information to improve our own systems we still hadn't learned the greatest of the secrets the technology contained. Nasero was busy deciphering the data he received, he had at least narrowed down a particular set of solar systems that it may have come from, so we changed course and headed towards those systems instead of going for the next cube. The other information he was getting out of it didn't seem to make any sense though, the numbers seemed random, but he wasn't giving up on it just yet.

Ambri and I tried our best to use the time wisely, but it was difficult to focus when so many exciting things seemed to be happening. We did our best to distract ourselves, but training or energy painting wasn't an option as we just couldn't properly harness our abilities, so we mostly walked around and admired the scenery. The first fruits of the plants that were growing in this world were going to be ripe soon, and their sweet smell filled the air when we walked among them. Soon we would be able to try the first actual food that was grown in a virtual world, it would tell us if we could begin upgrading the other worlds we had created and make them a bit easier to sustain. As we went on it was hard not to discuss the things that the others were working on, mostly we were concerned about Nira, she had seemed excited about her project but as she spent more time with it and less time with us it seemed to be more of an obsession, we just hoped it would be worth all the trouble she was having with it. We also spent some time discussing our plans, it was exciting learning about the new technology, but even more exciting to meet other alien species out there, but what would we do after we had gathered all this technology? It wasn't something either of us had an answer to, but we had both been thinking about it a bit. I knew there would be more things to do, it was just a question of what those things would be and where they would take us.

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