Saturday, February 12, 2011

Power Drain

Their research notes revealed that they had spent quite a few years on this technology, trying to figure out all that they could. However they realized after some time that they simply didn't have the technology to delve deeper and had sent it away until they could find what they needed. From our scans we saw that they had only scratched the surface of the technology contained in the device. With just our basic scans we turned up enough information that could have changed the outcome of our war with them, which made me start to realize what I had been about to them. They had seen me as a way to learn more than they already had about all the technologies they were acquiring, the inventiveness of the human race was something that they didn't have in such abundance. I imagined I wasn't the only human involved in their experiment, but I seemed to be the one that had succeeded as they had so desperately wanted to capture me. But those thoughts aside, the technology we now had opened a lot of doors for us if we could begin to understand it and use what we learned to improve our own technology. Perhaps we would even be able to figure out how to interface with that generator, though I wasn't sure just how much it would output once it was connected to something, but I was sure Evan and Nasero would figure it out once they had the device.

Back in the virtual world Nira was busy with her project, she seemed to be inspired by what we had just learned and was doing her best to not only finish her project but also to improve our systems to handle whatever it was she was doing. I knew she had tested a few things, but the tests never lasted long and they always had a major drain on the ship's systems. We always were able to recharge them again shortly after the drain by changing course towards one of the stars we were passing, but it was always worrisome to be so low at any point in our journey. I had talked to her about it and she had promised not to try again until we were already in a position to be recharged quickly, so she had modified our course a bit to make sure she'd have some chances and it had been helping so far. I hoped she would figure out the problems she was facing soon as I wanted to see what it was that she was working on that required so much energy.

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