Sunday, February 27, 2011

Enhanced Senses

The enhancements to the sensors had been completely invisible to me, without a proper interface you just didn't see what you wanted to and so the old system had seemed so good. But with each system we took down and fixed I got to see and feel quite a bit more, though we still hadn't approached the system that we desperately needed to, mostly due to the fact that it was the system we were using to try to avoid the gravity blasts in the first place, but it was coming up quickly. With the improvements so far I was starting to get glimses of the ship that was pursuing us, it was still rapidly evolving which was a bit scary for us, even with the three of us working I don't think we'd be able to stay ahead of it for much longer, our only hope would be to start fighting back. When it was finally time to replace the last set of sensors I quickly ate what I would need and got into the control pod, I knew it could be a bit of time that I would need to be here and I wouldn't have the luxury of a break once we disabled this system. My senses weren't great on their own in sensing these attacks, but at least it was something. With the gravity sensors down we were nearly blind and if I weren't the one controlling the ship we would be completely unaware of what the other ship was doing.

It was very strange being in this position, I had less than a second to react to each incoming gravity ball and several times we experienced significant slowdowns that allowed the behemoth of a ship to get closer, however the closer it came the easier it was to sense it. It too had that strange energy about it that made it so difficult to counteract the blasts he was firing at us, I began to feel that this energy was part of the entity and it was expending parts of itself to attack us, though from the readings we had on the system that had contained it, there was no shortage of energy for it to use. As it began to draw dangerously close to us I could sense a buildup of energy, I knew I needed those sensors and soon and Nira had just about finished them, I just hoped we could get them back in place before whatever it was about to fire was unleashed upon us.

The blast of its cannon, at least that's what I was thinking of it as, was tremendous. There was so much gravitational energy that I thought for sure it was creating a black hole to draw us in to. The sensors were just about online, though I didn't need them to know what was coming at us, I just hoped that with them I could find a way through the force as safely as possible. The dread of feeling this thing coming towards us caused Ambri to scream, I heard her, but very faintly, I was caught in the moment of it all and felt the sensor coming online. Things seemed to slow down, as often they do in situations where things get very intense, and my mind was suddenly filled with clarity. The precision of this sensor astounded me, I could feel every subtle fluctuation in this giant gravity ball, it wasn't a black hole at all but just a larger version of a gravity blast, and it wasn't perfect.

I was told afterwards that it was only moments and both Ambri and Nira were amazed I had navigated through it, but I had found ample time to navigate through the imperfect parts of the energy that allowed us through the blast and avoid most of the damage that we had been sure was imminent. Following these imperfections and making slight adjustments to the shield made it so that the ship only suffered a little bit of structural damage, but the drives were completely unharmed. This meant that once the blast was past us I could use the force of it to help slingshot us forward, which gave us a much greater distance than we had before. No other massive charges came after us, the entity knew we had figured out how to get through his attacks and so he needed to continue evolving his ship. He didn't slow down, but I started to feel forces leaving it to things outside of the jump and pull them in, I hadn't thought it was possible, but he was doing it. His resources were endless in a jump because of this technology, I had hoped to make this technology myself, but we were at a major disadvantage when we had to defend ourselves and our resources would run out long before we reached our destination if we continued having to improve every little system. But for now repairs were the most important thing, we could not afford to have a weak portion of the ship if we hoped to survive the next onslaught.

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