Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beyond Virtual

It looked like your basic translocation booth when it was done, but we knew better. She had been working on it too long for it to be such a simple device. The technology was far more advanced than any of the systems we had developed so far, but she wasn't giving us very many details, she still wanted us to be surprised when it activated. It had troubled Nasero and Evan a bit that she was keeping a secret, but we had decided to let her continue working on it. As the process was finishing up Nira became more and more excited about it, but without any details we were unable to join her in the stupendous joy that it was producing. We had sat around speculating what it was when she allowed us in the room, but neither Ambri or I could come up with anything more than a translocation chamber, but we were sure it was not that, there were some technological advances in it that didn't point us in that direction. When it was finally time for the device to be turned on we were relieved, though we liked seeing her being so excited about something it was difficult to listen to her while we waited. In order to have the energy needed for this device to function we had to delay our travels and stop next to a star that produced a lot of energy for the ship. Once it was activated the systems all went to their lowest settings and the room we were in grew very dark, the only light coming from the chamber itself, which had closed.

We waited for what seemed like hours, Nira was silent the whole time and not responding to any of our questions. Ambri had moved closer to me, not quite sure what to make of all of this and fearing for her safety and well-being. Finally the process seemed to finish and the systems started to come back online. The light from the chamber finished but it had not yet opened. Once again we tried to talk to Nira but she still didn't respond. I tried to get the chamber to open but it seemed dead, to me it seemed the technology had failed and Niracina didn't want to talk about it, so we decided to leave the room for now and see if we could get her to talk to us a little later after she had some time to recover. The only problem with that plan is that the door would not open for us. I tried to manually override the system however it was not responding. Trapped as we were we sat down and tried again to get Nira's attention. After a while of trying we finally heard something, it came from the chamber, it had finally opened a bit and the sound we had heard was of air pressure equalizing with the rest of the room. We waited a few moments to see what else would happen, but nothing did. I finally went over and opened the chamber myself.

With the chamber opened I could clearly see what she had been doing and what this technology had been developed for. Though it was a very powerful device it had been a one use deal, it was no longer functional but it had done exactly as she intented it to. As the being before me came to, for it seemed the stress of the process had made her woozy, the systems seemed to finish coming back to life, including the door to the room we were in, but we no longer desired to leave the room. The figure before me was the avatar that Niracina had created made flesh. She had figured out a way of creating a heavy energy of her avatar and then moving it from the virtual world into the actual world. As she opened her eyes her gaze fixed on me and that wonderful smile she had was fixed upon her lips, she knew once again that I was pleased with the work she had done, though I was simply stunned. Ambri, overcoming her initial shock faster than I could, rushed over and embraced Nira. It was evident that, though the reality had been realistic enough, Ambri had been wanting to do this in the real world for quite some time.

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