Saturday, February 5, 2011

Planetary Assault

Living quarters, shields, ships, that was the first things they needed to get done, the food was taken care of for now but they needed to keep their people safe on this station first and get their transportation going. While they did that Ambri helped a few of them come up with a biodome on the station to begin growing the plants that they had saved. Nira and I considered Nasero's plans on restoring the planet. It would be a major undertaking, though I was sure we could pull it off, but the amount of time it would take would be completely unknown as we had never tried this before. We had already discussed it with the Tirtris and they seemed to be okay with living on a station until the planet could be finished, it wouldn't be a terrible life compared with what they had been living before, they were very grateful for the freedom they had now. The materials we had mined up were being used quickly, but they had asked that we stop helping with that as they would develop their technology to assist in their needs moving forward, they were a very independent race and I admired that about them. We however had free reign to do whatever we needed to with our own technology to bring the planet back to life, they wouldn't have any hope of surviving without a permanent home, they only had so much to offer for trade.

It actually turned out to be pretty fun doing the necessary preparatory work for rebuilding this planet. It wasn't every day you got to use your technology to fling giant space rocks at a planet, though there were many we could start doing this with, but it wasn't a very practical use of our time beyond this particular task. We chose the richest asteroids we could find, broke them into small enough pieces and shot them at the planet. A lot of the materials would burn up, but that was what we were anticipating. We were making the planet worse before making it better. The more we threw in the darker the atmosphere became, quite a few of them had contained a lot of ice and so clouds were forming and rain was falling, though the rain was so acidic that anything that remained on the surface of the planet was destroyed. We knew it looked bad to the Tirtris, but they understood what we were trying to accomplish and so they didn't say anything about the further destruction of their home. Once we had finished mucking up the atmosphere we began using a slightly different tactic to get some more exact results. Using the translocation technology we would get the small chunks of space rock past the point where it would burn up and they would directly strike the ground, breaking it up and depositing their riches into the depths. The next part of the process would be much more interesting and was the part we would have the hardest time with.

Nasero had been busy designing the device we would need, it had to have just the right amount of force to it that it would start the chain reaction it had to but not so powerful that the planet was completely destroyed. It had been easy enough for us to litter the planet with resources, but having them all on the surface wasn't going to make the planet healthy again, we were going to have to ensure that all these things ended up in the depths and replenished the natural order of the planet. We had been taking readings of what minerals were on the planet since our bombardment and it was nearly ready. While we finished up depositing the rest of the resources Nasero deployed a probe to begin taking readings and measurements on the planet's surface, he wanted to get as much information as possible to make the calculations, plus the probe carried the tools he needed to begin the process of depositing the device once it was done. When he was done and things were nearly ready we returned to the station and prepared a second, temporary shielding device to protect us from what might happen next.

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