Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catching up on History

The sensations were even better once you entered the universe, she really had done a fine job replicating all that we had explained to her and it had felt pretty real before, but once you were actually in this world it was hard to imagine that we weren't from it. This meant upgrades needed to be performed on the prisons, these changes would be gradual but it would further prevent any of the inhabitants from detecting that they were prisoners. We had hardly any time to enjoy the sensations though before we got our first alert telling us that the Tirtris were finally waking up. I didn't even have time to test the new interface for controlling the ship either, but that would wait, for now we had to find out if these aliens could or would be our allies and friends. I wasted little time transporting down into their hidden base, Ambri would follow shortly after once I determined that we weren't going to be attacked. Once there I heard the bustle of a few individuals inspecting their systems, probably trying to figure out why they were awoken from their stasis. It didn't take long before they found the technology we had attached and shortly after to notice me standing by the rest of the foreign materials. Most of them hid quickly and one seemed to glance around looking for something to grab to prepare to defend itself, though I already knew it didn't want to do anything violent, but having gone through what it did I wouldn't have been surprised by the change. I had learned a bit of their language from the historical archives and did my best to greet the frightened things, hearing their own tongue seemed to ease them a bit, though they were shocked as they had never encountered a being such as myself. I continued working at reassuring them that I came in peace and I had woken them up to meet them and offer them my friendship.

Of course friendship was a difficult term for them, they had once known it well but after being betrayed they had been leery to ever use it again. They did begin answering me, mostly with questions to figure out if what I was saying was to be believed, but eventually they settled into it and had assured themselves I had no weapons on me. Once we were all sitting there I asked them if I could bring my companion down to meet them as well, they were a little apprehensive to have another being among them but consented, not really seeing a good excuse to deny someone who had such sophisticated technology when compared to their own, though I had to admit theirs was impressive. When Ambri joined us and they saw how fair she was they seemed a bit relieved, her appearance was very non-threatening and they enjoyed seeing such a kind looking being among them. We then spent quite a bit of time explaining the time that had passed and what their people had missed in regards to the Klatvix, a name they were all too familiar with. I even explained to them how we had isolated them for now in a prison of sorts in order to keep all races safe from them, though even I couldn't assure them it was a permanent confinement. They had many questions about all that had happened, a lot of their history had been lost when the Klatvix conquered them and decimated all their old buildings and the technology they contained, they hadn't realized the Klatvix had kept quite a bit of it.

After they had heard what I knew of their history they understood a lot more about why they had ended up as slaves without much of a will to fight back. It also helped them piece together the missing pieces of what they did know, having passed on as much of it as possible through stories, though they knew they couldn't prove any of the tales that they told, but it was something for them to hold on to during a rough existence. They seemed pleased that they had been a peaceful race instead of a violent one like their captors, their situation hadn't been because of war but rather of ignorance at what they were doing. Having experienced meeting other alien species though and having such a horrible time of it had made them desire less to meet others, which was unfortunate because I knew they would have enriched so many species because of who they were. But, despite this I had hopes for their future and what they would be able to do for the universe and so I put forth my offer to them.

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