Monday, February 21, 2011

Fleeing the Thing

Back on the ship my first task was to lock out the tranlocation system, we didn't need anything finding its way onto the ship with us. I then entered the main control pod and started running scans to find the mass of technology that was heading towards us, this took only a moment but it was clear the mass was changing its shape and very quickly. Ambri and Nira, once they had gathered their wits, entered the two support pods and started asking what was going on. I showed them the mass that was moving towards us and informed them that it was the cube and power supply we had found, though I was now sure the power unit had been more of a prison for something else. As the mass closed in it was clear that all the technology was being converted into a type of ship I had never seen before, it was small but it had some technology forming in it that was likely very superior to our own. I tried to use the energy web on it, but the ship seemed to absorb the energy and then proceeded towards us at a much faster pace. I didn't take any more time to try to disable the ship, instead, I activated our jump drive and got away from it as quickly as possible.

Moments later Nasero was letting us know that Evan was waking up and the ship was in pursuit of us, though he could not track it once it had gone into its jump. We did our best to try to find it, but nothing showed up, it was like the thing had cloaked itself beyond our scanning technology. We turned on all of our defenses and hoped it would do something against this thing. I tried my best to be brave, but Ambri knew better, though at least Nira was buying it for now. We had to work quickly, there were upgrades we had ready to perform on the ship to improve our chances but it was risky to be fleeing from something and modifying the technology, though I felt we didn't have much choice. When Evan finally was able to talk to us he informed us that there was indeed something inside that power device we had found, the thing wasn't flesh and blood like us but seemed to be composed of the very energy it contained, which would probably explain why it didn't want to be tapped as a power source and why it was so potent. I wasn't sure what to make of it all yet, but I figured our best bet would be to find the place it came from and look for some answers.

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