Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swapping Horses

It was really quite fascinating to watch, I had no idea she was capable of ever doing something like this. The ship detached the sections that were infected, removing the virus' chance of getting to anything vital. This made the ship look quite bare and unworthy of space travel, but she didn't stop it there. The genetics of the ship contained all our technological advances and needed to be protected, so instead of the ship growing back the sections it lost it instead reverted to its original shape and size, a simple seed. This she picked up and tucked away in her garments until she could find a better place to keep it. It was brilliant what she did, and once we had some time to discuss it we understood why it had to be done. With the threat of such a virus that could quickly disable the most important ship we had we needed to keep it safe. We could easily create another ship with all the technology we needed that wouldn't be susceptible to such an infection, but we couldn't recreate this ship without a lot of work, and it could possibly be that the technology couldn't be recreated. It had all been done with a series of self induced evolutions which made the ship remarkably unique, to evolve in a single generation instead of multiple. I know Nasero was capable of some changes, but I wasn't sure he could accomplish the same task that Nira had in this ship. Not to mention that if the genetic changes didn't occur in the proper sequence the living ship would simply die due to its own instability. With that done we got to work constructing our next ship, the design would implement as much of the technology that we had before as it could, including a virtual world where our food would grow, however we wouldn't be living in this one, we would simply use it as a way to get what organic resources we needed. The plan was to keep the ship small enough to accomodate us and allow us to live quite comfortably despite the lack of spaces. We would also work on developing some new drives that would allow us faster travel once we left the shielded system, I just hoped that we would have enough time before the massive ship came and started trying to find its way in, I wasn't sure that our shields would be able to hold it back for long.

While we were busy working on our next new ship Evan had returned to the base orbiting the Tirtris world, he had some sort of revelation that he wanted to follow up on after his encounter with the energy entity and needed to gleen some information from the technology that the Klatvix had. I wasn't sure what he was thinking would be relevant to what was currently going on, but I knew he wasn't one to pursue wild fancies. Still, I was curious about how quickly he left after the incident. After some time I checked in with him, he was still busy with his research, however he said he was making progress into the study of the technology. He also mentioned that his study should help us in overcoming the power of the ship it had constructed, the base of that ship being in the Klatvix technology, namely the cube. Though I wasn't sure how he would be getting more information about the cube technology as we hadn't found the research station containing that yet. Still, any advantage would be a good advantage for us. We were just finishing the basics of our ship when the presence of the war ship was felt, it had increased its mass even more and was starting to try to take down our shield, luckily we had made enough progress in our power research to upgrade the generators on it to keep it strong for at least a little while longer. Nasero kept us up-to-date on the status of the shield so that we would know when we had to leave, ship finished or not. So while Nira constructed what we absolutely needed to get going, Ambri gathered up the food we would need and the small plants that we would be growing as well as the materials that they would need to feed on. I, however, wanted to ensure we could build the rest of our ship while we led the behemoth away from this system and so I got to work on the construction system and designing a few technology upgrades to assist us in using it.

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