Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Chamber

Sleep was difficult, the hard, cold floor was probably the easiest thing to deal with. It was the dark silence that bothered me the most, but eventually I did sleep. I'm not sure how long it lasted, but I eventually woke up to the sound of my PDA informing me that it had just finished updating, again. I looked to see what had changed but it revealed nothing to me. I checked again to see if it could find a position for me but that didn't work, even stranger was the fact that, despite getting updated, it still had no connection to any network. So where did the update come from? I decided to pull out the few tools I had to figure out a way to get out of this mess but as I looked through the storage application there was nothing there except the fruit I had been carrying when everything happened. I went to the logs but the last ones indicated that I had transferred data to my PDA and nothing had left. I double checked the device, but knew it wasn't going to turn up my possessions, I could feel that the device didn't have all that heavy energy it had when I first arrived in this room.

After an hour or so I ate some of the food I had, got to my feet and began exploring the room again, not that I had any hopes of escape as there was nothing to this room the previous day except for completely smooth, cold walls. As I was intently looking for a seam, crack or any flaw I suddenly came across an impression in the wall, I am pretty sure it wasn't there previously but it was certainly here now. The impression was the same size and shape as the dock on my tools for a PDA to go into, so, having nothing else to lose I plugged in the device. Suddenly the room lit up and a new application came onto the screen. My shock kept me standing there dumbly for a few minutes but as my senses slowly returned I took notice of what the screen showed me. They seemed to be controls for the room, very simple images as if it were a program for a child to understand. I saw options for food, water and various other options for keeping my room clean, even a control for turning on and off the lights. After checking this application I pulled the PDA back out of the slot, which surprisingly left the lights on for me and continued my exploration of the walls and floor in the well lit room.

Obviously, aside from the new slot in the wall, nothing else had changed, there were still no obvious exists to this room. So, using the PDA in the slot again, I pushed a button with an image of a table and chair which caused the floor to raise in the center of the room (where there had been no seam visible) into a table and chair. Having at least this amount of comfort, I sat down to contemplate my condition and how to get out of it.

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