Monday, September 20, 2010

Neither Good Nor Bad

Analyzing the limited data that the ship contained about my arrival showed very little except for a rough estimation of the direction I came from. We turned the ship in this direction and jumped to the nearest star. Of course it was not the star that illuminates Calypso. On a plus side it also wasn't the star illuminating Akbal-Cimi. So at least for now we were safe but still with no idea of where exactly we were. I checked the stars in the area but did not see any familiar constellations. We then sent out some probes to scout the area and planets for life, valuable resources and just in general to get a good map of the system and calculations regarding how quickly the planets orbited the sun. Unfortunately this first system contained nothing of interest and we moved on, still in the general direction we believed I came from.

The next system ended up having two stars in it, this of course ensured us it was neither of the systems we were on the lookout for. Once again the constellations turned up nothing, but at least we were starting to build a star map to help us navigate in the future. This system turned up a small planet that would be inhabitable. I decided to carefully note that this planet was here and that we would need to send a probe back to monitor it when we came up with a good communication system.

The last jump of the day we decided to go quite a bit farther, with the constellations not matching up we knew that we were still pretty far from our goal. This jump proved a little more fruitful. No constellations were familiar once again however we found a derilict ship that looked like robot design. This was something that could be very useful to me. The ship looked like it had been hit by a meteor or other massive floating debris. We scanned the ship for signs of functionality, but it was dead. We sent probes to explore the wreckage to ensure there were no robots hiding inside or other potential hazards. Finding nothing but still staying on the side of caution we sent out a larger probe to create a room around the wreckage through which we could begin our analysis and reverse engineering of the technology.

Unfortunately this ship was very old, the technology was outdated as far as what I had seen of their more current things. One bit of information we were able to gleen from all this though was a start to their communications system. With this information perhaps we could begin development of our own. One other useful tidbit was the star maps, the data was very corrupted however we were able to decipher some of it and expand our own knowledge. We now had a better idea of the direction we should go and some of the stars we didn't need to stop at. I decided it would be best to leave the wreckage behind, we didn't need to leave too many bread crumbs for something else to follow us if they were aware of this junk floating here and had plans to come salvage it at some point. At that we jumped to the next nearest star to scout out the system and plan our next course of action.

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