Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mindforce Training

The ship was busy all last night working with the new data it had gathered in our encounter. I tried my best to sleep however I was haunted with the images of the creature we had created. I ended up watching some of the data that the ship analyzed and dozed off a couple times in the chair while I did so. Finally I felt rested enough to function, but I knew I would be nervous all day. The psychic energies coming from the creature had been strong, amazingly strong. Sensors not built to detect those energies had detected them, which had given the ship an idea on how to finally be able to sense the mindforce energy without us having to continue in our experiments. I was relieved to have another possible solution, I really didn't want to try to manipulate life again to suit our needs and I forbade the ship from doing anything more along those lines as well, for now fragments were off limits. As for me, I had to work on developing my raw mindforce abilities, I could no longer rely on the technology to sense what I needed to and I had realized at some point in my sleeplessness that the creature had been able to access so much of my mind because of the implant, it would have to go. This would reduce my control over the ship, I would have to communicate more and be dependant on the entity. However, I would not need the PDA back either, we modified the ship so that wherever I was a console could be projected. It was good that we had developed the technology despite not needing it at the time. Once we double checked that all the interfaces I would need were created I had the implant removed and felt my absolute control slip away as well as my enhanced abilities.

Training was difficult, I had been so used to the technology in my head helping me harness and control my natural abilities that I had no idea how to really use them without it. The first thing I had to do was go back to sweating, it served no purpose for me to have vibrant sweat as the technology would not be useful to me, however I needed something basic to start with to start training my mind. All the sweat that I gathered the ship stored for me, I didn't have any technology on me anymore for doing it myself but I was grateful to be free of the burden for now. As my focus improved and I was able to concentrate better without the aid of technology I started to sense the creatures in the habitat more. It seemed as if all of them put forth a small amount of mindforce energy, each one felt different and none of them were malicious like the energy I had encountered from that thing we had to run from. I didn't even know what to call it, it was humanoid and if it hadn't been for the green hue in its skin I could have mistaken it for a human being. I decided it was best right now not to dwell on it, my focus needed to be in improving my own abilities for now.

As the day drew to a close I felt tired, I had been training most of the day and had some progress. I could better sense the creatures around me though this would still need some work as they had to be pretty close. I also could train without sweating now as I had something else to focus on. The ship was still conducting its research, there was a lot of data to go through from the brief encounter, however it said it should have some results when I woke up. It prepared a meal for me, one that it assured me should help me sleep. It wasn't wrong, the meal was delicious and as I jotted down my notes for the day I felt sleep coming quickly.

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