Saturday, September 18, 2010


With my new understanding of the alien language and how their technology worked I began reconfiguring the control room. I added some display capabilities to the glass so that I could monitor ship functions and pull up any statistics that I needed to, even though this wasn't actually necessary as I could do this using the implant and just having it display the text in my vision, however I still felt it would be a good idea for the future. I found that displaying things in the alien language was a bit easier for me to do than to have it translated. What's the point of translating to your native language when you understand the other so well? Plus, I had no reason to translate, no one else was going to see it anyway. I also added a control chair, which is basically a very comfortable chair with very few buttons as the upgraded implant was giving me more mental control over the ship. So much control that I was actually making these changes through my will over the ship than requesting that the ship do them for me. I also began going through the logs of the aliens activities, learning what they had been working on or trying to figure out about the primitive life on the planet that we had left. This really didn't teach me much. I also went through the history that the ship had of them, which wasn't much, but from what I could see they never would have thought to turn their research vessel into a ship. They basically made a technology and kept it as that technology, their inventiveness didn't go much farther than constructing what they needed to in order to do their research.

As I continued to reconfigure things and take note of the different functions that I now understood of this ship I realized that with this base technology and my beginning of understanding of it I would be able to do many things that previously I never would have dreamed of. I set my mind to enduring another knowledge infusion tonight so that I could increase my capabilities further. Until then I set out to begin monitoring the life in the habitat. New technology had to be implemented, but that was easy enough with the life scanner blueprint I had, we simply created one, reverse engineered it and then created a more efficient, smaller one that could be implemented in various locations throughout the enormous room to provide feedback on the number of creatures that we had and what kinds. I also worked on a few technological defenses for the room so that instead of just having all the docile lifeforms we could have a full habitat with all the different creatures from the planet in the room. The technology we created would monitor where I was in the room and then use a translocation gun to move the creature away from me should it try to come after me. It would also keep my personal spaces clear of any of the creatures as well. With these in place I went to work to stabilize the gravity drive so that the next jump wouldn't be so rough and hazardous to the lifeforms we were keeping.

The ship definitely played a huge part in stabilizing the drives, my knowledge hadn't gone quite far enough to understand the alien technology that allowed them to manipulate the gravity of the ship. By the time we finished it was time for my second knowledge infusion, I knew this one was going to take my brain longer to recover from but it should be quite a bit less painful as we could now do it much slower due to not needing a chip to put the knowledge there. This time the technology would allow me to sit in my comfortable captain's chair in the control room and allow the knowledge to be fed in through the headset slowly, basically all I needed to do was try to relax and focus on things that would relieve the discomfort and pain I would feel. Of course, as I had the ship start the knowledge transfer I still cringed a bit as it started. It was like having a massive headache, though I found that if I meditated on the tranquility of my personal spaces in the habitat I could ignore most of the pain and just let the knowledge seep in. When we were done I instructed the ship to go back to the planet and collect the rest of the specimens while I slept.

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