Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It was shortly after I ate lunch that the new applications finished installing on the PDA. The first one I opened gave me a command prompt but would not take any commands, so I went to the second application. The second one looked like it was an application for teaching, it presented basic images such as the fruit I had and the tools I had been carrying and presented a prompt for typing in what it was. I did this for a little while and then not knowing what it was for gave up on it. At this point, I felt a little tired, likely from boredom, and decided to take a nap.

The alarm startled me, I must have just dozed off when it started because I didn't feel rested at all. The alarm came from my PDA, I didn't even know it was capable of such a noise as the one it was making. When I looked at the screen that little teaching application was up and it had a picture of me. I attempted to exit the program but it wouldn't close, so I eventually put in my name and the sound stopped. I was a bit surprised. It then presented a few more images, this time showing me images of myself doing various gestures I had probably done at different times in the room. Not wanting to upset the application again I continued putting in the answers to the images until it finally stopped. I must have been doing this for a few hours by the time I finished because when I was done I found myself very famished and needing some nourishment. I got out the last bit of fruit that I had and ate it, I knew that tomorrow would be the day I finally had to rely on the provisions that the room provided, but for today at least I was still at least partially self sufficient. Hopefully whatever it gives me tomorrow will at least be palatable.

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