Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Creature

Catching one of these little critters posed a huge problem for us. Even with a bunch of probes flying around the habitat they were hard to spot and the moment they were noticed they ran off and hid somewhere else. We couldn't even get a good view of what they looked like because of their habit of hiding. They were timid, but curious little creatures. They wanted to figure out what we were doing but they didn't want us to know they were there. We finally settled on a plan that would use their own curiosity against them. I went back to my haven and lied down, then we simple needed to wait for one to get close enough. The guns were well hidden and aimed at a variety of spots that they could hide in. Finally, a slight rustle was heard and one of the guns fired. The creature was caught and it was in an observation room where we had translocated it to.

Getting a good view of this thing was impossible, not only did it not register on our life scanners but it also had the ability to change its coloring, it was so good at this that if it shut its eyes you had no idea it was there. We modified the room to shift colors and patterns, this only gave us a vague idea of where it was at any point because as fast as the ship would shift the room's look the creature would shift its coloring to match. Finally, we realized it would be too difficult to study this creature under these conditions, it moved around too much and its eyes were never kept in a direction that would reflect the light. We switched to thermal scans of the room and had a hard time viewing the creature this way as well, it hardly put off any heat. Finally I decided I would need to go in there and try to make contact with it, I took some food and had the ship transport me into the room, hopefully not landing on it.

It took probably a good two hours of sitting in the room to make any progress. I talked quietly to the creature and heard it moving about the room. I had placed a few pieces of fruit on the ground, just a couple feet from where I sat. I heard the creature sniffing at the food and then heard it trying again to climb up the walls, to find some escape from the room. Eventually the food lifted and vanished before my eyes, it had grabbed it and hid it under its body so that the food would not be visible. I heard it eating a bit and still moving around, I assumed it was inspecting me, trying to figure out if I intended harm to it. I placed some more fruit next to me and closed my eyes, listening to its movements. It was then that I began to see it, with my eyes closed and listening to it I began seeing it in my mind. It, like all the other creatures had that cute quality to it. From what I could see it had a thick fur to it, which would probably account for the inability to sense it properly with thermal scans. Its eyes were not nearly as large as those of most of the other creatures, however they had an innocent look to them. At this point the creature took the food I had near me and retreated, the image from my mind fading. It was a proximity image, a kind of psychic projection of itself. With this information I knew that the next step would be in finding a way to give the ship the ability to have a type of mindforce power similar to my own, I would also need to upgrade the implant in my head to allow me to see them better and from farther away. At that we opened a passage for the creature to return to the habitat. It looked like my next step was going to have to be to work with the fragments, I believe they hold the key to enhancing this technology and allowing the ship to interface with it as well.

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