Wednesday, September 22, 2010

At Last, Calypso

The probes started returning information at incredible rates. The communcations system was working flawlessly and so we had a few of the probes start upgrading themselves so they would be able to deploy more probes and increase how quickly the star systems were being explored. At this rate we would have this entire galaxy discovered faster than could ever be imagined. With the data flooding in the ship needed to be upgraded to handle it. The storage capacity for data had to be drastically increased because of all the information we were gathering about every star and planet we came in contact with. The ship jumped to the nearest resource rich asteroid belt that we had encountered in our exploration thus far and mined it dry in about an hour, increasing data storage and the number of probes we had working for the ship. The control room had to take on an entirely different look as well, the glass needed to darken to blend in with the surrounding metal so that navigation of the star maps and viewing the statistics of a solar system or the individual planets in it would be possible. As more and more data poured in I had the ship continue searching for planets that matched the description I had given it of Calypso. In the mean time I worked on the next set of steps that we would take with all this information.

The report of several planets that could be Calypso came sooner than I anticipated. I closed my eyes and linked up with the probes that had found the potential planets, eventually seeing through one of them what I was looking for. I labeled the planet in the star map we were generating and had it move on, my plans for the excessive data would have to wait as I devised a way to safely acquire the technology that was missing from my belongings. I knew that getting the information we needed off the technology would be easy enough, the problem would be in getting close enough for the scan to be performed without being detected or have the risk of exposing myself to the two sides that had been in pursuit of me when I had accidentally left the planet in the first place.

Our plan finally revolved around using my memories to reconstruct a robot that resembled all the ones that are constantly active on the planet's surface. This robot should be able to get close enough to some technology to begin the scanning process, then as we gather more information we should be able to continually upgrade the robot to make it less detectable by other robots and appear to be genuine to any human that encounters it. Meaning the robot we made would be on a suicide mission gathering as much information as it could before being destroyed. We would then have to repeat this as much as necessary until we could overcome the technology being used to destroy it or detect it. Hopefully we would be able to get some good scans of the different robots on the planet as well so we could come up with better models to use that would be smaller and attract less attention to themselves.

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