Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's amazing what this cube can do in such a short time. When the satellite slingshot had been finished it woke me up and informed me that stage two was beginning, it had already launched six more probes towards the new construct and they arrived just as it finished powering up and were on their way towards the planets surface. This stage would involve constructing a new type of slingshot on the surface of the planet, which the entity assured me it had already calculated the best way of constructing this and it would be done in just a few hours due to the abundance of resources to be found where the probes would land. Three of them would work on construction and the last three would start gathering together the resources we would need. The cube then informed me that it had begun a second project using this new technology and had already sent some probes to another mass further away from the planet, this one much larger but rich with resources that the ship could use to increase its size and abilities. This project would take much less time than the planet project due to the space technology already being tested and improved to speed up the process of construction. Based on this information I had a much better outlook on my situation and sat down for a decent meal of a good portion of what was left of the food.

It really was amazing how quickly this vessel learned and improved itself. The probes from the second mass returned shortly after I finished eating and with enough resources that the cube could not only make the rooms I had before, but had an abundance of resources with which we could use to shape the entity to better maneuver itself through space. I went with a basic ship design, like many of the ones I had seen on Calypso. It had a control room, which really didn't have many controls, it was just the forward facing room with a large window to see where we were going as well as a platform for doing some advanced teaching and communication with the ship. It was an improvement of the speaker, microphone and monitor I had it construct earlier. The platform presented holographic images around me as I desired and the interface was very intuitive. I was very much impressed with this. I knew the shape of the ship alone wouldn't help us in moving, however the ship assured me that the technology it was creating from the devices I had was going to change all of that soon enough. Shortly after finishing the new shape of the entity the probes began returning with supplies, and not just basics but also with actual plants and a few of the creatures which lived on that planet. We constructed a habitat for these creatures and plants and the ship set up the conditions of the room to promote rapid growth. What this exactly entailed I did not know, but the ship mentioned that the fragments I had brought with me taught it much about how it could manipulate these plants, creatures and their habitat. It took me a moment, but I realized that I had a stash of blazars and novas among my possessions when I arrived and wondered what exactly the ship was going to do with them. I would have asked, but the ship said it was ready to test its new engines and with that my mind shifted to the important matter of navigating the ship and trying to figure out where we should go.

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