Friday, September 3, 2010

Could Be Worse

No brilliant ideas for escape, sleep was much easier last night though, definitely much more comfortable with a bed. I'm still hesitant to eat what the button would provide, I haven't even pressed it yet, but my fruit supply isn't very large and I know it's just a matter of time before I have to partake of what is offered. When I woke up this morning there was another update that had been pushed to my PDA, and it appears the technology of the room is tailoring itself to me because as I woke up the lights came on as well, slowly though, so it wasn't blinding.

The port on the wall for the PDA was missing this morning, but things are working remotely now, I didn't need to attach it to control what I wanted. I decided to take a shower, the water was a perfect temperature and it was a very refreshing experience, almost made me forget that I was a prisoner in this strange room. I'm guessing the updates to my PDA are going to continue, things are changing on it, there seems to be a couple of new programs on it but they don't appear to be functional yet. The furniture in the room has changed a bit today as I called it from its secret hiding place in the floor, it's more comfortable and shaped to suit my body. It feels as though I'm being treated as an honored guest more than a prisoner, but it's hard to be completely at ease when you can't leave. Hopefully these new applications show me something about my circumstances and perhaps they'll explain in some archaic way why I am here. For now I guess I will have to be content with sitting around idly waiting for something new to happen.

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