Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Way of the Mad Scientist

Well, all the simulations came up as failures with the fragments. We even tried different mixes of them to see if we could get it to balance, however the plants and the bacteria would end up killing one another. Being that it was all just a simulation we were only going on previous habits that we encountered in our observations, so I finally made up my mind, we'd have to actually try this with real plants and bacteria. We created mini domes within the room that was designated for this study. I also had the ship construct an observation room so we could further isolate these tests, I didn't want any of evolving life to corrupt our current habitat. Constructing the life didn't take long, they were very simple organisms and we were, after all, only modifying their genome, it wasn't like we had to create them from scratch. Once we had each mini-dome balanced out and functioning with living organisms we began introducing fragments into each one, of course leaving one untouched to base our results on. The plants and bacteria didn't go instantly berserk, the simulations had been accelerated in order to try to find our answers in a timely manner, this time we'd have to wait and see.

After a few hours we started to notice differences in the various little domes. The atmosphere changed within a few and the plants would change color. The bacteria were difficult to observe due to their size and our need to not allow them to escape, however it looked like one set of them had started producing a black light instead of white and the plants glowed eerily. The most interesting change was that one of them, the one we had put the fragments in we were planning to test with, seemed to be emitting a mindforce energy and a few of the other domes seemed to be responding to it. As the ship could not detect these energies I had to have a chair put in the room and allow the ship to analyze it from what my mind could detect of it. As I focused more on the energy so that the ship could get good readings I suddenly noticed that there were more energies coming from the ones that were responding. It seemed as if they were communicating with each other. I opened my eyes and looked again at the domes, they were changing again, the ones that were communicating, they seemed to be altering themselves much faster as the energies continued to flow between them. The light from the domes emitting the energy started to fluctuate, and as their light did so too did the light in the other domes until they all seemed to be performing their own lightshow. That's when I noticed that the first dome had started to crack, whatever was growing inside of it had stopped producing light and I started to notice that the energy was intensifying. With horror I realized that a balance had been reached, and it had happened because of them all communicating with one another. The thing in the first dome was the result of the bacteria and the plants evolving into something new, and it was trying to get free.

I was compelled by curiosity to not have the thing destroyed in the vaccuum of space or cast into the nearby star, I had to see what was forming from this environment we had constructed. The dome cracked more and through the crack started to ooze a dark green substance. As it continued flowing through the tiny seam it had created it began taking shape, evolving before my eyes, it took on a more solid consistency, appendages seemed to be forming. The color shifted from deep green to a more fleshy appearance, though it still had a green hue to it. Watching this thing form brought to mind one of the theories of how life began, that everything crawled out of some sort of primordial ooze and began its existence. It was wonderous to watch but horrible at the same time, this thing was monsterous in appearance, at least as it currently looked. The energies intensified as it took shape, even the ship was able to start sensing them even without the technology we were trying to develop. I felt my mind fighting against it, the energies seemed to be attacking me but yet I could not tell the ship to destroy it, I had to see what it ended up being. Slowly the green fleshly thing started to form eyes, it surveyed its surroundings as it continued to take shape. More and more it oozed out and took its form, more and more I realized the form was becoming human. It must be using my mind and memories to create a template for its body. It must have heard the thought, because as I realized it the creature looked at me and the mouth it was in the middle of forming grinned at me. At that moment I commanded the ship to send it into space, to cast it into the nearby star, to make sure it didn't survive. But it was already too late, the creature had power exceeding what a simple translocation gun could do to it. The ship fired many times but the creature only smiled more at our feeble attempts. It was a malicious entity, of that I could tell. It continued its attack against my mind, however I could feel my abilities increasing against it. My ability to jam mindforce was increasing, the onslaught against me was making me stronger. The creature realized this and I felt the assault slowing. At this point its physical form had finished and it was coming towards the glass, smashing all the other domes along the way and seeming to absorb the contents. The ship opened the room to space, trying to suck the entity out, but it held fast to the ship and with the balanced ecosystem we had developed in the first place it had no need of the atmosphere, it was self sustaining. After the vaccuum had stopped the creature got back to its feet and came to the glass, it started pounding on it and its strength was evident. The glass began cracking and the ship informed me that I needed to move to a safer area. I quickly ran back up the side of the ship and into my normal chambers, I didn't know what to do. The ship then informed me it had detached the nearly destroyed room and the creature was still in it, however it was attempting to get back on the ship. The ship then performed a gravity jump and we were gone.

I didn't know what to do, we had created something unintended from our research. The fragments held more mysteries to them than we could comprehend. We could do nothing against this creature, however I feared it would find us. It seemed to want to destroy us, or at least to destroy me. I recalled the story of Frankenstein, I had spent some time reading old stories and had laughed at the notion of a mad scientist creating a creature such as that. I had not realized that it could be possible to create something so horrific, something that would haunt your dreams. I knew that I would have to face this demon again eventually, I played a big part in its creation and I would need to ensure it didn't survive.

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