Sunday, September 19, 2010


My understanding of the ships workings is even greater today than it was yesterday. The ship had completed the acquisition of all plants and animals that lived on the planet we had started at, the habitat was complete. The ship traveled flawlessly, not a shudder was felt throughout the ship when we activated the gravity drive and performed the energy jump. We were ready to travel now and continue our research on how to improve the ship. Our first order of business was to begin researching defenses. I was not sure how long it would be before we stumbled upon some hostile forces, particularly the robots whom I believe may actually have the technology to have tracked us a bit, but with no way of telling how far we went they would have quite a search ahead of them. The human forces that had been in pursuit of me I was not too worried about at this time as I am not aware of the kind of technology available to track a misfired translocation jump, and even if they did have that they would not have been monitoring farther than the planet's surface due to the limitation of the technology. The reverse engineering on the damage ship has been going well, obviously since we were able to make the translocation guns, however those were more based on the extractor technology and the ship's technological advance to be able to convert living things to heavy energy. We began by moving the ship into an accessible position around the asteroids in this star system, we were going to need to have an overabundance of resources if we were going to seriously research and improve the meager human technologies I had access to. It's funny how inadequate it all seems after learning so much more about the alien technology that I was living in, but there were things about our technology that the aliens never envisioned but they would have been able to improve drastically.

Many probes were sent out to start mining up, refining, sorting and storing all the resources we could get. We improved the heavy energy storage a bit more and reduced the amount of storage space it all required and the weight was negligible due to the way the gravity drive actually worked. Basically, the more mass we have the better it can function and the further we can travel, however we only gathered what we needed, without knowing where we were going jumping too far wasn't going to help us. We constructed the various types of armor and plates that I had at one time or another possessed and had the blueprints for. It wasn't much, but it was enough to get us thinking in terms of defenses. The gravity of the ship could deflect most attacks, but we needed to be prepared for something that could get through. With that we mostly worked on improving the alloys and testing them against the different types of forces we could imagine. We integrated what we learned into the ships hull. By this time the probes were done gathering enough resources to last us months in our research. I was tempted to begin weapon research, however I was still not keen on using any aside from the translocation guns to help us get away from any threat we needed to. At this point I realized it was time to start exploring to find Calypso again, though I realized when we did find it I would have a hard time leaving the ship if that were even a possibility for me anymore. I knew so much and now had a desire to explore and learn more, but first to Calypso, perhaps we would be able to get our hands on more information and technology to improve the ship and our ability to explore. I knew this would be time consuming, but there were more sessions to be done with the knowledge and many areas of space that we would be exploring along the way. I had a feeling that this ship would soon become something much more than a research station or a ship, it would be interesting to see what we did with it and I was very much excited.

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