Monday, September 27, 2010

Working with Fragments

The results are fascinating. As we try out different energy levels, frequencies and even types the fragments respond differently. A single fragment has nearly limitless possibilities as you make minor adjustments. As intestesting as these experiments are, we really are looking for one particular type of response. The kind that gives technology the ability to enhance mindforce. So far from what we have gathered from the chips we were able to study is that the chips mearly create a conduit for a particular type of mindforce energy and then enhance it with the mind essence, basically just pouring the raw energy into the mind energy and they combine without any technology telling it to do so. Without the mind essence the technology would only be an energy filter, helping us control which power we are using, which for most of us wouldn't be very strong. The technology beyond that has no way of interacting with the energies involved in mindforce. The fragments, however, react to every type of energy. This is why, I believe, some of the creatures on Calypso have mindforce powers, and also why the creature in the habitat developed them as well. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the right fragments were used with a creature that already had the abilities naturally, however in order to find out we'd have to isolate which fragments were creating this ability within the creatures.

As the research continued we learned much about the fragments. We had some potential experiments that might give us the results we were looking for, however I wanted to make sure we were in a better known environment when we tested as we weren't sure what some of the results would be. I knew it would be just another day or so when we finally arrive at our destination. A star system should allow us all the resources and safety we need to finish these tests, at least the ones that involved the ship. As for the tests that involved my implant, we could begin those whenever because of the controlled environment within the ship. We had some prototype changes we could try, however I was reluctant to implement them yet as the technology was still very fragile. We had to find a way to use the fragments without them shattering, I imagined it would be very painful to have broken pieces of technology in my brain, plus, we had no idea what would happen if I died in this particular layer of space. The revive terminal was completed, but we had no need of using it yet and I didn't feel like volunteering for it right now, especially when the results were so uncertain.

Living tissue. That was what made these fragments stable. This is why they interact so well with living things because it is within them that they find stability. With stability they are able to work indefinitely and that's why things can evolve so quickly when these are introduced into their systems. This might also account for why the robots went crazy if these were indeed the things that affected them. Without stability they would be in constant flux, a broken fragment wouldn't have a negative effect, but the fluctuation of energies would have caused conflicts within their circuitry. This meant that unless we drastically altered the ship it wouldn't be able to use these fragments either in any stable manner. This meant we were going to have to begin engineering something biomechanical, it would most likely have to be growth with the technology in it. I wasn't sure how we would do it, but this would be the process we needed to go through in order to produce the desired results. The ship informed me that there was some information the aliens had that could assist in this, I was going to need another knowledge infusion. Having no need to wait I finished up what we had, made some notes and sat down in the chair. By the time the infusion finished we would have arrived at our destination.

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