Friday, September 24, 2010

The New Drive

I knew the gravity drive was still going to be the fastest way to navigate, however I also knew that when we were converted to heavy energy we basically were losing time. This would not be acceptable, especially if something were pursuing us. So when we jumped away from the current system we only went far enough to end up outside of the galaxy in dead space. It was here that we felt we would be safe enough to continue research before continuing on our journey to the next galaxy. We began by recreating the translocation chip and the wormhole chip, these were key to our plans. The knowledge of wormholes would definitely be the most useful, and being able to translocate matter would allow us to improve our defense systems, both in the habitat and for outside the ship. We then began the process of reverse engineering them so that we could improve the technology and make it suit our needs.

It didn't take long for us to finish, it was simple enough technology. We were able to create wormholes with ease though they didn't go very far, the technology was never anticipated to be used to create a stable wormhole of any great distance. As we experimented with the technology we came to realize that despite it giving us the ability to work during our travel time it would still have a fatal flaw, a flaw similar to what the gravity jump had. If we used either technology to move to the next galaxy we would be severly limited in options, meaning once we did either we were committed to the location we would land at. There was no changing course mid-flight so if we suddenly realized that something had figured out where we were going and had a way to arrive there first we could do nothing about it. This would not be acceptable. We then turned our attention to the translocation chips. These chips accelerated mass to the desired location, the only flaw to them was that they normally required knowledge of the area you were going, however there were some properties in the technology that could be useful. The translocation chip gave us the knowledge we needed to enhance our normal gravity drive to work more effectively, this would allow us to move much faster in normal space. We then used the wormhole knowledge to find a way to create a tear in space, essentially creating only half of a wormhole which would allow us to enter this inbetween layer of space that wormholes punched their way through, we could then be traveling at much faster speeds, though we would not feel the forces due to being in a layer of space where the laws were different. We put this technology on a probe first to test it out. The probe flew a ways off and created the tear, it then propelled itself into it at great speeds, due to the nature of the wormhole and the fact that we were not creating a complete one the hole collapsed right after the ship went through, basically when the thing powering it was no longer there to provide it with energy. A few moments later we received a transmission from the probe, it had arrived safely to its destination. The drive was a success and so we added the new drive to the ones we already had, making it so that we could normally move around in this method and in a pinch throw ourselves really far really fast using the gravity jump drive. Satisfied with this outcome we continued our journey to the next system using this new drive.

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