Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Advanced Learning

This morning I woke up with a bit of a headache, I'm pretty sure what I've been eating has not been good enough nutritionally but it is what I had. As I performed my morning ritual to wake myself up I thought about what might be on the table when I pressed that button. My fear was that it would be something moldy or slimy and completely disgusting. My stomach growled as I finished cleaning myself and got dressed. I brought up the application and pressed the button that showed a picture of food.

Words cannot properly describe what the table presented me with or the aroma of the things that were laid out upon it. Most of them I did not recognize, but the smell of these things made my mouth water. The way it all appeared was a bit intesting, the table seemed to expand a bit on the surface and then open up and recede, leaving behind various plates full of fresh fruits, things that looked like eggs, and meat from some sort of beast. I sat and prepared to eat when I heard a little chirp from my PDA. Remembering what happened yesterday I decided it would be best to see what it wanted this time. The same teaching application came up again, this time displaying the different types of food on the table and once I put in the general category of food it was it would display two pictures, one of me smiling and one of me frowning. I tasted each food as I categorized them and hit the appropriate button. I have to say, most of it was better than I could have ever imagined, I think there may have only been a couple of things that were not quite something I would normally eat.

Once the meal was done and I had answered all the questions the PDA was quiet once more, in fact, even when I tried to open the teaching application it would not open for me. It appeared that the program was mostly so that whatever was keeping me here could learn more about me. It seemed to want to know what I liked and didn't like. I decided it would be a good idea to play around with it a little more if I could get it open, so I paced about the room trying to get it going again. It wasn't until I had pulled up the bed again from the floor that I could finally get it to open. The question it seemed to present to me in the form of images was what I was hoping for, it was inquiring if the bed was good or bad for me. I decided I wanted to put this little thing to the test so I pressed the button for bad and the bed quickly and quietly slid back into the floor. A few moments later a new bed came up, it was similar in look but the feel of it was quite different. It still wasn't exactly what I'd enjoy sleeping on best, so I hit that I didn't like it again and this time instead of just replacing the one bed the room was filled with many, all in different shapes, sizes and firmnesses. I checked them all out and found one that was to my liking, I pointed the PDA at it and hit the yes option, the rest of the beds vanished and I tested to see if putting the bed away and pulling it back out would give me the same one I chose, which it did. I suddenly realized that this room really wasn't intended to be a prison, but more of a room for me to live in while whoever it was that had me in here learned about me. The room was trying to make me at least somewhat comfortable during this time and so I started using the application it gave me to rearrange things and change my preferences for design, color and feel of the room. It all took awhile because I had to use images to communicate what I desired and the application had to stop me a couple times to update itself to be able to handle more complicated input. By the time I was finished it was late in the day but the interface had completely changed to allow me to select particular things in the room, zoom in on parts of it, and modify them in every tiny detail I wanted to. It was simply amazing, I wished we had this type of technology back on Calypso, it would have made living in style very easy. Hopefully tomorrow I can learn a bit more and teach it some more of what I want, but for now, I am going to get some much needed sleep on a very comfortable bed.

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