Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a View

Today I started off by spending some time practicing controlling the room with my mind. It took some time, just like learning to deal with the text of everything in my vision, but I started to get the hang of it after a few hours. I'm sure as I keep controlling things it'll come easier, but for now it still takes a bit of focus.

Once I felt I had some grasp of this I decided it was time to teach this entity something new. I began envisioning a window, the shape and materials that went into it, the view that you had when you looked out of it. I made sure to make mental images of several different kinds of windows so that the concept would be understood. During all of this I had my eyes closed, trying to maintain my focus. When I had finished trying to teach it what I wanted and opened my eyes I beheld a view I never could have imagined. It had constructed a room for me with almost an entire wall as a dome of glass for me to stand in and look out through. The view was spectacular, the way the light illuminated all the little moons and planets in this solar system made it sparkle like a cave of precious gems. I didn't recognize any of it, not a single constellation was familiar to me and I knew I wasn't in any of the solar systems I had been in before. I also knew I wasn't near Earth because I had seen pictures of that system, this was definitely far from where anyone I knew had ever been.

I'm not sure how long I stood gazing out at what was around me, but a slight chirp brought my attention back to reality. The chirp was a question, very much expected. My answer to the question was that this was very good, far greater than what I had hoped for. I no longer felt captive, but free, I had a view now of all that was around me and now knew why there was no way out of this box I had been in. I wanted to see what this little home of mine, as I was now coming to think of it, looked like from the outside. I closed my eyes and tried to form the question, but before I could finish forming the first part a vision was given me of what this structure looked like on the outside. Startled, I opened my eyes to figure out how that had happened. I saw how it was done quickly, a single probe was floating outside of the glass dome now. I closed my eyes again and looked at what the probe saw, moving it around with my thoughts. It was a strange feeling, at one point I almost felt that I was the probe, it just seemed so natural to see things this way and to control this remote object. The structure was shaped just like the rooms. A series of cubes all attached. I realized that when I arrived it must have just been one large cube floating in the middle of space, but my desires had reshaped it. The surface of the cube was very simple, a dark metal that almost blended in with the surroundings. I could not tell what it was made of. As I explored the structure it dawned on me that there were not any extra rooms, which made me wonder where my host was. Before I could form the question in my mind my host caused my vision of the ship to be highlighted so that all other surrounding objects were no longer visible. It took a moment to realize what it was telling me, but when the realization came I was awestruck. My host was the cube, it was the vessel that I was currently residing in. This entity was a construct unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was a living, adapting piece of technology that was completely isolated out in the middle of space. With this realization the vision left, the probe reabsorbed back into the ship and I was left with my thoughts.

The day was getting late and I was weary from everything that had happened. As I lay down in my bed my thoughts were flooded with so many questions that didn't have answers yet. As if sensing that these thoughts were a problem the cube put a new image in my mind and helped quiet all the thoughts so that I could rest. The image in my mind was a memory, one of the things I had seen on Calypso, in the middle of one of the forests with the sounds of birds singing and the wind gently rustling the leaves. These sounds and images made sleep come quickly.

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