Thursday, September 9, 2010

Turning a Cell into a Home

I woke up this morning with many things on my mind. I wanted to try more things with the application it had given me and see what else I could do with this room. After another wonderful breakfast I began playing with the application again, this time attempting to get the application to focus on the walls, an activity we had not done previously. Once I taught it what I wanted it then went back to the learning application to get some new terms for things. After it learned what it needed to I was able to open the application and manipulate the walls until I had an entirely new room. I turned this little cell into a multi-room dwelling place, removing the need for the furniture to be called forth and put away every time I wanted to do something different. I then got to work trying to teach it what a window was, my hope being that I could get it to make one and see where I was or at least maybe see who my host was.

The attempt to teach the entity that was caring for me what a window was did not go well, I tried all up until lunch and then for a few hours after but it simply did not understand what I was wanting. I tried to get it to learn what a door was, but that didn't seem to work either. Frustrated and defeated in this communication barrier I decided to give up this endevour for today and work out the next idea to try to implement with my limited controls.

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