Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After so many months of looking I finally made it through all flight logs from Earth. There is no trace of my having been on any of them. So I sent an inquiry if all persons on all flights were accounted for. The response I got came very quickly, it was yes, however as soon as that message came in I saw my PDA was pulling updates from the servers. I hadn't heard of any updates coming, however it seemed to continue working as it should, so I just ignored them and continued on.

I must have been lost in thoughts relating to the fact that all logs were accounted for and accurate and I wasn't in any of them because suddenly I heard tons of translocation jumps being completed and as I looked around I saw a few dozen armed military personnel all heavily armored and well armed with their guns all pointed at me. I thought, there must be something I'm missing. They began advancing but before they could close much distance I heard another noise, one that I don't normally hear. The rapid influx of drones was unbelievable! I could not believe how quickly they came, I must have stumbled into an invasion point that was deciphered, however, all the drones were also looking at me at first. The military personal seemed stunned, but only for a moment, once that moment was over shots began firing all around, military shooting drones and drones shooting them. Both sides seemed to be trying to provide cover for others on their side, these others were slowly advancing towards me. I was not quite sure what was going on, but I knew I needed to get out of there. I quickly tapped the PDA at my side to extract my teleport chip into my hands. I charged up, trying very hard to maintain focus despite the stress that was building as both sides were struggling to get closer. It seemed like forever as I locked a location, I wasn't sure exactly where I was aiming for, but I knew it wasn't there. I activated the final stage of the chip when suddenly I felt a shock in my hand. One of the advancing adversaries, whether it was the military or a bot I do not know, had shot the teleport chip while it was activating, sending a surge through it but not stopping the process.

When my vision returned from the jump I looked around but could see nothing, it was completely dark. I pulled out my PDA and used it for light and all I could see were walls surrounding me. I pulled up the map and tried to figure out where I was, but there were no coordinates or map, just a message that read, "Out of range." I pulled out my teleport chip and looked at it again, I could see a slight scorch mark on it from where it had been hit and tried to fire it up but it was dead, during its last bit of life it had sent me here, wherever here is. It's been a few hours now, I haven't heard anything or been able to find an exit to this place, so to maintain my sanity and try to remember all that happened in case it provides a way of me finding an escape I decided to write this. I know that writing this won't get me saved, but at least it'll provide some distraction from my current dilemma.

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