Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Valkyrie MK2

So one of the people in my society bought a new Valkyrie MK2. It looks just like the MK1, but it definitely doesn't perform in the same capacity. She often hires me as a driver, so she valued my input on how it handled, so I got to drive it around quite a bit. I have to say, this is one nice vehicle. It may not be as fast as the MK1 or as quick in its turns, but it does very well in many other ways. First off, the protection it offers is far superiour to the first model, I was able to take hits and keep going with hardly a scratch on the paint. I also noticed that the power was a little more steady, I was able to go up small hills with very little slowdown and actually outran an MK1 in this type of terrain. Along the same line, I didn't lose much speed when I went off small hills either. The balance was excellent as well, I hardly had any problems keeping the vehicle from flipping and with the jumps being smaller due to the weight I had better control. All in all, if I were to buy a vehicle, I would probably lean towards this one first so that I'd have something stable that I could rely on and then worry about getting the other model that was built for speed. Nothing hurts more than trying to make an escape and flipping the car.

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