Thursday, August 12, 2010


There's no way to keep a resourceful man down. If you can't find any mining claims, then find a healing job, if you can't find those then try something new. So the other day I, because of the slowness of business, decided to do something a little different and allowed myself to be hired as a chaeffeur. The location to drive about in? One of the contaminated zones, which meant that we could run into someone who wanted what we were carrying. It's always a little intense going in there, I mean, when you enter the contaminated zone you still feel the tingling of the radiation despite the anti-toxic shot you took. Then there's the rush of adrenaline as you realize that you are in lawless land and can do as you see fit. The purpose of the trip? Well, I can't be exactly sure what they were wanting to do, but I don't think they found what they were looking for. I suspect they were hoping to find someone to relieve of their heavy burden.

The next day they had another job for me, driving again but this time mixed with a little bit of healing. They were hunting feffoids and ended up doing pretty well in their hunt. Afterwards they wanted to have a little bit more fun and so we set out looking for something of interest. Eventually I ended up finding a particular spot that would offer a good challenge, at that moment I didn't have one of their cars so I had to let them know what I found and when they came I tried my luck at it. The rush was greater than going into the contaminated zone, driving at full speed towards a cliff and making a last second turn before going off to ensure the landing location. For a brief moment I was flying through the air and then suddenly I'm back on something solid, but it wasn't the ground. I had hit my mark on the first shot and successfully parked a car on top of one of the service centers! When the rest of them saw what I did they quickly jumped into their cars and attempted the same feat. After a few tries one of them made it and I ended up driving a couple more cars to get them on the roof as well. By the time we were done we had parked four cars up there! I have to say, that was a blast, and as for another job option, chaeffeur works for me.

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