Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mining Problems

It seems odd how some days you're doing well and then some days you aren't doing so well in mining. It always seems to be that when you have a run of good luck it is followed by a longer run of bad luck, the only hope you have is that your good luck was enough to get you through the time of bad luck. Right now, I'm in my time of bad luck, this I mostly attribute to the longtooth and eomon migration. These humongous creatures cause so much vibration in the ground that detecting the correct patterns of a resource becomes very difficult, and then when you do detect one it turns out to be much smaller than it looked on the screen. It's strange how much they interfere with our equipment and then all at once seem to disappear and we cannot find any trace of them. You would think that we would be able to trace these vibrations without problems, or at least learn to filter out the vibrations using our equipment so that it isn't so hard to find an actual resource. Oh well, I guess for just a few weeks in the year it isn't too bad, I'll just have to keep working at it and hope to continue surviving as best I can.

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