Thursday, July 8, 2010


Every year there is a migration of tremedously huge creatures called Eomon. This year I went with my society to check them out and to heal the hunters while they took out a few of these things. I have to say, these creatures really are huge! How we never find them during the rest of the year is simply mind boggling, these things are so big that you couldn't miss them. The most amazing thing about them this year is their evolution. I'm not entirely sure why they evolved as they did, but they look completely different from previous years. Their backs look like they're plated with a hard, spikey shell. I would have investigated this closer before the bodies were processed but I didn't have time, healing kept me very busy. I guess our technology is a bit too good at what it does, nothing is left of the body after it is processed. The thought did cross my mind though that if these shells were as hard as they looked that they'd make a fairly decent house, albeit a bit strange looking but a durable, dry place to live in. We ended up being so busy taking them out and staying alive that we forgot to cut a slice off of one of them to cook, so dinner ended up being a little lacking this evening. It was definitely nice having a job to do and to have a little bit of excitement for a change. All in all, I'd say it was a good day.

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