Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Feelings of Mindforce

I've found that each aspect of mindforce has a different feel to it. When I first started using my powers, at least the first time I can remember, I recall how odd it felt, the task of sweating caused a sort of pressure, it was really quite uncomfortable, that's what makes the new sweat guns such a wonderful thing to have. For the longest time after making my initial living in sweating I had the oddest sensation, it took a very long time for that pressure to subside. A much more pleasant experience is in using the healing side of mindforce. It is soothing and warm. The powers that heal are comfortable, calming and draw me into a delightful frame of mind where nothing is or could be wrong. Even given my limited experience so far I would have to say that healing is my calling when it comes to utilizing these abilities. The other kind of mindforce I've had a try at is the electrokinetic type. The feel of this force is tingly, it feels exciting and dangerous. To call forth the bolts of electric energy is very stimulating. It brings forth something new, yet familiar, in me. The more I use it the more I want to use it, controlling this element is intoxicating. As I cast forth this embodiment of my wrath I feel the desire for more power. I dare say that if I am not careful with the use of this element I may very well lose myself. By far it is my favorite way of defending myself, much more natural to me than handling a gun, but I feel that if I do not watch myself I very well could lose who I am. It is at times very scary utilizing these destructive forces. Even with this sobering thought of losing myself I still look forward to trying out the other types of mindforce available. The need to exercise a bit of caution when using them all is apparent as there is definitely an inner hunger for the raw power that they offer but this is something I will pay strong attention to. I do not feel I should neglect it completely, just keep it in check. At least for now the stronger desire is in the calm surrender required in the employment of the healing forces.

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