Wednesday, June 2, 2010


There is such a variety of plants here on Calypso. I love wandering in different areas when I'm mining, there's just so many wonderous things to see. Wandering in the wilderness of this world brings back what could be a memory of my past. It's hard to say if it is real or just something my mind made up, but I can remember forests, the kind like you see in old pictures from Earth. The air in the forests was clean and moist, it felt good to breathe. I vaguely recall the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind and the birds calling to each other from the trees. It is a bit different here however. When I breathe here the air is fragrant, not musty like the forests of Earth. I can still hear the leaves rustling, but their sound is slightly different and the bird calls aren't as familiar. The colors are greater here than they are in this dream-like memory. At times its hard to say which is more breathtaking. I have a hard time believing in the memory. When I read on the more current history of Earth it would be hard to find what I see in my mind's eye. So what makes it so familiar to me? History says what I see cannot be, but my heart says that it once knew that. I guess that's why Calypso feels so much more like home to me than Earth. Every time I see pictures of what Earth looks like now I cringe. That isn't the Earth that I feel I should know. But it doesn't really matter, this is home now, and I have no desire to leave it.

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