Friday, May 28, 2010

Heavy Energy

To think that people used to have to carry everything in its raw form. Objects are so bulky, it would have taken a lot of physical space to move all of that. That's what makes our PDAs very important to us. Our PDAs have technology built into them to convert regular objects into a type of heavy energy that can be stored on the device. The reason I call it heavy energy is because the weight of the object isn't lost, the object is converted into energy but the PDA gets heavier from holding this energy. This same energy is also very difficult to move over long distances, it takes a huge amount of power to move it, which is why we must go back to storage instead of just transporting it. I really wouldn't care to have a heavy power pack on my back just to transport things I find back to the main storage grid. Luckily they do have sufficient power to move the items around from one storage center to another, so it doesn't matter which machine you store it at, it will still be accessible from all of them. It is just too bad we don't quite have the power to transmit from one planet to another, it would just cost too much to do. The only real limitation to this technology is in living things, it is unable to store a living thing with a certain level of intelligence, I've heard of bad things happening in the past when they were developing the technology, so bad in fact that they had to spend quite some time making it impossible for these devices to scan people into them. Now, these devices are quite secure, there have been no reports of people being able to hack into them and steal your possessions under normal circumstances. There are, however, abnormal circumstances that change this. There are a few locations on the planet where there is a dangerous level of radiation. In these locations the normal monitoring that goes on doesn't work. They actually cannot see what happens here and as such are unable to police the people, it is lawless land. In these areas the devices aren't as secure and so people have reprogrammed their device to take advantage of it teleporting a person back to a safe location, during this transportation they are able to access a few parts of the device and utilize the power the radioactive area has to pull some of the heavy data from your device to theirs, essentially stealing what you worked so hard to get. I avoid these areas as much as possible, but there are good things to be found there. In fact, some of the things to find in these areas are very important to us, without them our healing technologies wouldn't work as well as they do. But that's a whole different level of thought than I am ready for right now, for now just thinking about how much easier it is to move our possessions around in this day and age is enough for me.

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