Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Welcome Home

Home, it's familiar and inviting. Oddly, that's what I feel as I explore and mine. Even sleeping in different locations each night after a long mining run feels good to me. I just like being out there and free of the confines of civilization. Occasionally you see others out there as well running around and looking for something good. Often you can see on their faces that this is how they enjoy living as well. Nothing beats the joy I find in living my life in my own way out in this beautiful world. I can't imagine living a life somewhere else, not just because I can't remember it, but because this seems so familiar and right to me. It's times like these, when I'm free to keep going as far as I want, where I forget my desires to know who I once was and just be content with who I am now. We all have to head in at some point, but for now, while things are going well, I want to take this in and enjoy it to its fullest. This is, indeed, a welcome home to me.

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