Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making a Living

It seemed like I hadn't been with a healthy balance on my card for awhile, but the last couple of days have remedied that problem. It's days like the last few I've had that you spend each day hoping for and spend countless hours looking for. I've finally been able to do some good work and get some returns on my investments. The mining has been good and I'm setting some of this income aside for when it might stop flowing. Hopefully my mining returns aren't about to stop, I'd love to be able to save up a fair amount and maybe invest in something new. It doesn't matter though, I always do survive, despite the times. I was smart enough this go around to invest in a new Vivo T10 so that I can do a few better healing jobs, however I probably will stick with the mining while it is working for me. Anyway, enough of this writing, there's areas to explore and claims to dig up!

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