Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mining Amps

Mining amplifiers are definitely a nice thing to have at times. To understand how they work one must first understand how finders work. Finders work by using vibrations created by bombs and probes to find resources hidden under ground. These vibrations are unique for each resource, so by analyzing these vibrations a person is able to figure out what they just found and then by measuring the amount of vibration they can tell how much of it they found. This is a tricky business and sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what you have. The only problem with finders is that they were designed to only find one deposit of a resource at a time. This is where amplifiers come in. When you put an amp on your finder you enable the finder to not only locate a deposit but to also locate similar vibrations in the search area. What this essecially does is takes all similar resources in an area and clumps them together as one giant find. This saves us from having to rebomb or reprobe an area to ensure that all deposits are found. This is definitely a brilliant thing, though amplifiers can be a little tricky to work, you have to be very familiar with a finder to use an amp with it, there's a lot of signals to annalyze in a short time so you have to be quick, and the bigger the amp the more signals you can detect. The other unfortunate thing about amplifiers is that they are very fragile and as such cannot be repaired, so we are always having to buy new ones. This is a real hinderance to their constant use and unless I am really having some luck finding resources then the amplifiers are definitely too pricey for my budget most of the time. Still, it is fun to think about how these devices work and make life a bit easier for the miner. Now if only they'd design a new series of finders that have the amplification abilities built in.

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