Thursday, June 3, 2010


One of the discoveries made this year was fragments. These fragments are what causes the rapid evolution of all species here on Calypso. We have only isolated a few of these fragments so far, but what we have been able to gather has definitely allowed us to improve our technology quite a bit. The new technology is a bit fragile, but it really can boost performance in various ways. What I wonder about this discovery is, if it can improve our technology so much, is it what caused the robots to linger and change when they discovered the planet in the first place? Does it have a greater effect on technology than what we assumed? I suppose it would be possible that the robots created from the resources on this planet would inherit the same properties the planet exhibits. If this is the case, there would be very little chance in us keeping up for too long with the robots, they would not only have their superior problem solving that they were originally created for but they would also have the added benefit of accelerated evolution built into them. I wonder if future generations that live here will eventually have these fragments inside them too, making us evolve in a much faster way and no longer be the same humans that we have fought so hard to be.

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