Monday, June 28, 2010

Slow and Steady

Having a variety of work to do is very helpful at times. In mining I am self employed and don't always make the profits I hope for. In healing I am guaranteed some profit, though it isn't always very much. It is good that I have these different jobs I can do, and between the two I survive pretty well. I hardly ever have to sweat, mostly just once in awhile for my own uses, though most of the time I'll buy sweat from someone else. This past week has turned out well. After a good healing job I was able to get back into the groove in mining for a few days, making some small but steady profits. I did have a couple of great size finds as well making it jump quickly. These profits I used to repair all my possessions and then purchase my first attack chip. I did actually use it as well as I had a poor translocation jump and ended up in a situation where I needed to kill it or lose the meager ped I just used to get where I was. The feel of the power coursing through me was amazing. The lighting bolts cast forth were much stronger than my old weapons, but I need quite a bit more practice in using it. I tended to miss a bit more than normal, but still, it was a rush controlling that force of nature to dispose of my foe. Hopefully my profitable runs will continue, it definitely would help. If that does happen, I better start thinking of my next steps towards ensuring consistent, future profits.

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