Friday, June 18, 2010

In Search of the Big One

I'm a miner, and as a miner I'm always paying attention to what others are finding and trying to figure out where they're finding at. They have a numbering system for the sizes of finds, it is based on the value of what was discovered. My personal best find was classified as XVI, commonly referred to as a significant sized find. Recently someone found a size XXV, when I saw the information on it I was simply in awe. I couldn't imagine finding that and knowing that suddenly I had the money to own something of significance in this world. I always dream of finding the big one, but I won't hold my breath for it. The occassional size XIV or XV satisfies my desires usually, though it is hard not to hope for the big find after seeing someone else get it. What I would do with such a find is hard to say, there are so many options. I would probably at least get an apartment so that I would have a comfortable place to sleep when I'm not out in the middle of nowhere looking for another nice find. Anyway, dreaming big is good and all, but it does not pay the bills, or in my case, feed the stomach. Maybe someday I'll be the lucky one, but for now it is enough to survive on what I am getting.

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