Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've heard talk of vehicles being shipped to the planet for quite some time. They have also been talking about developing some blueprints that would allow us to build some of our own vehicles using materials found on the planet. With all the delays in shipping the time finally came and vehicles arrived on the planet. Many people went and got their first vehicle and were driving them around and testing out how well they perform on this planet's terrain. It was quite a sight to see actually, so many of them driving around so fast. One of the people in my society bought one, he let me drive it a bit as well. I have to say, that is a pretty quick way to get around, not quite as fast as a teleport chip, but for an older type of technology it is pretty good. They are saying that we should be receiving air and water vehicles at some point as well. Judging from how long it took to get the first of the land vehicles I'm not going to hold my breath. A few other land vehicles were mentioned as well, one of which was a motorcycle. After looking up what exactly those are I realized that those would be more of my style. A solo vehicle, meant for the one who rides alone. I do look forward to someday possibly being able to get one of these machines, but for now I'll make due with my teleport chip and running around on my own two feet.

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